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huawei router ve switch geliştirici ve teşhiş modu – gizli komutlar

huawei router ve switchlerde  geliştirici  ve teşhiş  için iki ayrı  mode bulunmakta. cli dan “_h” komutu ile geliştirici modu aktif edilebilirlen “_d” ile teşhiş modu aktif edilebilmekte. bu mode aktif olduktan sonra promtta “-hidecmd” ve “-diagnose” ilave olarak gelmektedir.

Now you enter a hidden command view for developer's testing, some
commands may affect operation by wrong use, please carefully use it
with HUAWEI engineer's direction.
Now you enter diagnose command view.

örnek olarak ne40e bir routerde geliştirici modunu aktif edelim bu modda gelen komutlara kısaca bir göz atalım. çıktı aşağıdaki gibidir


Now you enter a hidden command view for developer's testing, some commands may 
affect operation by wrong use, please carefully use it with HUAWEI engineer's 
hidecmd view commands:
  _bgp_display_debuginfo_detail      display the detail information of debug
  _debugging                         Enable system debugging functions
  _display                           Display current system information
  _display-db-info                   The db info
  _display-db-info6                  The IPv6 db info
  _display-ip-routing-table-verbose  Display route's all information
  _display-rm-detailed-info          Display RM detailed information
  _display-rm-mi-info                Display RM multiple instance information
  _display-rm-nqa-routes             Display NQA state tracked routes info
  _display-rm-routefib-statistics    Display the route fib information
  _display-rm-rpa-gr-state           Display RM GR status
  _display-rm-slice-statistic        display runtime of function related with
                                     route calculation and download
  _display-rm-tasks                  Display RM task information
  _display-rm-timer-records          Timer information
  _display-rm-timers                 Display RM timer information
  _display-urt-table-info            The urt table info
  _display-urt-table-info6           The URT6 table info
  _fib                               FIB refresh command 
  _fib6                              FIB refresh command 
  _generate-ipv4-static-routes       Generate a lot of ipv4 static routes
  _generate-ipv6-static-routes       Generate a lot of ipv6 static routes
  _generate-rm-ipv4-static-routes    Generate a lot of ipv4 static flapping
  _ha                                High available command
  _igmp-group-report                 Sending IGMP or MLD report
  _igmp-static-group                 Generate many group membership protocol
                                     specific static group routes
  _mld-group-report                  Sending IGMP or MLD report
  _mld-static-group                  Generate many group membership protocol
                                     specific static group routes
  _mpls                              Configure LSP trigger policy
  _terminal                          Setting of terminal 
  _test                              IP module
  _user-interface                    Configure the user terminal interface
  acl-offset-set                     Set mpls acl offset parameters 
  acm                                Display current system information 
  active                             active 10ge-port
  ada-nqa                            ADA-NQA Module debugging
  add                                add 
  adjust-voltage                     adjust voltage
  alarm                              Fault Manage 
  allocate                           Allocate 
  aps-send                           Send k1k2 bytes to remote device for test
  arp-ping                           ARP-ping
  attrib                             Change file attributes
  auto-recover                       over load auto recover
  backup                             Backup information
  bfd                                Specify BFD(Bidirectional Forwarding
                                     Detection) configuration information
  bgp                                Border Gateway Protocol(BGP)
  block-priority                     Priority of interface
  btrc                               Delete traced objects 
  capture-packet                     enable capturing packet
  ce-ping                            Ce-ping tool
  chain                              chain information
  change                             Change something
  channel                            Channel
  check                              check
  cib                                Customer Information Base
  clear                              Reset operation
  clocklock                          Switch
  close                              close
  config-change-trap                 the trap of config changed
  configuration                      Configuration interlock
  cpu-packet                         Packets reported to the CPU
  create                             FIB6 create a bgpkeyswitch information
  datasync                           data synchronization
  debug                              Debug
  debug-cpos                         CPOS card info 
  debug-fr-cpos                      CPOS card info 
  debug-switch                       SPU Debug Into Switch 
  debugging                          Enable system debugging functions
  delete                             delete one table
  dhcp-server                        set dhcp server.
  dip-startup                        Ignore DIP4 error for force startup
  display                            Display current system information
  download                           Download information
  dustproof                          Air filter cleaner information
  eagfy-debug                        Eagfy information
  efm                                EFM module
  efu                                Efu command group 
  enable                             Reset current rrpp statistic information
  equip                              Set equip test mode
  fan                                Fan information
  fastfeeling                        Fastfeeling enable
  fault-management                   Fault Manage 
  fe                                 Forward Engine Commands
  fib6                               FIB6 command 
  fibm                               FIBM status and configuration information 

  fpga-set                           fpga set
  get                                Display current system information
  ha                                 Enable/Disable HA Version check of Master
                                     and Slave 
  ha-test                            Test tool for HA performance
  hdlc                               Information of HDLC
  igmp                               Specify parameters for IGMP
  info-center                        Specify information center configuration
  ip                                 Specify IP configuration information 
  ip-pool                            Pool
  ipc                                IPC information
  ipc-pgp                            IPC information
  ipc-send                           Ipc Send
  ipoe-que-protect                   IPoE message queue protect
  ipv4                               config ipv4 forward mode
  ipv6-nsr-test                      ipv6-nsr-test 
  isis                               Intermediate System to Intermediate System
                                     (ISIS) routes
  l2-multicast                       Specify parameters for Layer 2 multicast
  l2-multicast-ipv6                  Specify parameters for Layer 2 multicast
  l2if                               Layer Two Interface Management
  lcm-checksum                       LCM checksum
  lcm-debug                          Lcm debug command
  license                            Active license file
  lldp                               Link Layer Discovery Protocol
  load                               Download information
  load-balance                       Specify load balance mode
  loop-detect                        Configure loop detect
  loopback                           Loop back mode 
  looptest                           LoopTest
  lpu-startup                        Set lpu board startup mode 
  mac-address                        Set mac-address
  mac-limit                          MAC limit
  mac-ping                           Mac ping
  mac-populate                       Populate an OAM MAC to FDB entry
  mac-purge                          Purge an OAM MAC from FDB entry
  mc                                 multicast diagnose command
  mcast_nsrbk_control                NSR backup encapsulation control
  mcast_rtbk_hogtime                 Realtime backup schedule control
  memory-leak                        Memory-leak command
  memset                             Specify value of memory
  mld                                Specify parameters for MLD
  modify                             modify table
  monitorbus                         MonitorBUS
  more                               Display the contents of a file 
  mos-debugging                      MOS debugging information
  mpls                               Specify MPLS(Multiprotocol Label
                                     Switching) configuration information
  mpu                                mpu board
  msdp                               Specify MSDP(Multicast Source Discovery
                                     Protocol) configuration information
  msend                              Send multicast data
  mtrace                             Trace route to multicast source
  mts                                Modem to shell 
  multicast                          Specify multicast configuration
  natpt                              Specify NATPT(Network Address
                                     Translation-Protocol Translation)
                                     configuration information
  np                                 Set NP offline mode
  nps                                Nps module operating commands
  nse-dbg                            The collection of some useful tools
  nse-key                            Add, delete or search a key
  nse-prob                           open data prob and catch data
  nse-read                           Read operation
  nse-show                           Display information
  nse-write                          Write operation
  ntp-service                        Specify NTP(Network Time Protocol)
                                     configuration information
  open                               set
  ospf                               Open Shortest Path First (OSPF)
  ospfv3                             OSPF version 3 for IPv6
  packet                             data packet
  paf                                Update PAF file
  patch                              Patch subcommands
  pe-modify                          Modify PE Entry
  pe-set                             Set value of...
  pe-test                            Test
  pea-add                            add one table
  pea-del                            delete table
  pea-delete                         delete one table
  pea-set                            config
  pea-simulate                       simulate
  performance-meter                  Performance meter command
  pic                                PIC 
  pim                                PIM status and configuration information
  pim_hogtime                        Configure PIM HOG TIME
  ping                               Send echo messages
  pnp                                DHCP client plug and play
  policeman                          Task schedule Policeman
  port                               Configure port shaping max-value
  pppuser-offline-convert            Configure PPP user Offline Reason 
  print                              Hot enable
  quit                               Exit from current command view
  rbs-test                           Test the RBS
  reread                             reread
  reset                              Reset operation
  restart                            Reset chasis or whole system or slot with
                                     soft-boot mode command
  resume                             Resume system task
  return                             Exit to user view
  rip                                The rip protocol configuration 
  ripng                              The RIPng Configurations 
  risi-module                        module name
  rpc-pgp                            IPC information
  rpr                                Specify RPR configuration information
  rs485                              RS485
  save                               Save file
  send                               send
  sensor-alarm                       enable/disable sensor alarm
  sensor-config                      Sensor config
  set                                set next-bootmode infomation
  set-ospf-param                     Configure OSPF performance parameters
  shapping587                        587 Debugging switch control 
  simulate                           Simulate operation
  simulate-fast-down-interrupt       Fastfeeling simulate interrupt
  slave                              Specify HA command
  smooth-upgrade                     smooth upgrade
  snmp-agent                         Specify SNMP(Simple Network Management
                                     Protocol) configuration information
  socket-monitor                     Switch of sock-monitor
  srvcfg                             SRVCFG
  start                              start for inspect function
  stop                               stop for inspect function
  suspend                            Suspend system task
  switch                             Switch SFU or LPU synchronization clock
  switch-chip                        Switch-chip
  switch-port                        Operate to the SERDES interface channels
  synchronize                        synchronize
  synclock                           Mpu Syn Lock
  tcam-check                         TCAM detecting cofiguration commands
  terminal                           Set the terminal line characteristics
  test                               test
  test-aaa                           Accounts test
  test-command                       Test command switch for external test
  test-log                           test-log
  total-run-time                     clear total run time
  trace                              Set Trace Option
  tracert                            Trace route to host
  transmission-alarm                 Transmission alarm from SDH or SONET
  trigger                            Trigger various conditions for testing
                                     recording function 
  ucm                                UCM(User Connection Management) module
  undo                               Cancel current setting
  update                             Update Trunk Infomation 
  vp                                 VP information
  vp-pgp                             IPC information
  vp-send                            Ipc Send
  vpn-force-del                      Delete the Stale VPN Instance forcefully
  vrbd                               Display version information
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