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NfSen – Netflow Sensor

NfSen is a graphical web based front end for the  nfdump  netflow tools.

NfSen allows you to:

  • Display your netflow data: Flows, Packets and Bytes using RRD (Round Robin Database).
  • Easily navigate through the netflow data.
  • Process the netflow data within the specified time span.
  • Create history as well as continuous profiles.
  • Set alerts, based on various conditions.
  • Write your own plugins to process netflow data on a regular interval.

Different tasks need different interfaces to your netflow data. NfSen allows you to keep all the convenient advantages of the command line using nfdump directly and gives you also a graphical overview over your netflow data.
NfSen is available at  sourceforge  and distributed under the  BSD license.

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